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We are a body shop in South Scottsdale, specializing in classic restorations and custom-built projects. We use a professional paint booth for our projects, and now you can use it, too.

THE REALITY: Arizona weather conditions make an outdoor paint job extremely difficult, to say the least. The amount of dust floating in the sky, while often invisible to a human eye, is guaranteed to destroy any project. Painting in a garage, while seemingly a good idea, will have the air pressure raise the dust from hidden areas, and will make your project a nightmare.

THE GOOD NEWS: We have a professional spray booth, complete with air vent systems, fire suppressants, professional lighting, sealed and air filtered, for any project, from a small car to an SUV.

Whether you are a professional painter, or just looking to paint your car, motorcycle, rims or body parts, come check our place out!

  • Air lines included
  • Adaptors and hoses available if needed
  • Compressor included
  • We will also offer basic advice or guidance if needed
  • Professional painters are available for hire, if your project needs pristine work.

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